Stropiq, Inc. is an institutional real estate investment manager focused on opportunistic situations in select US markets.

Applied Expertise

While major US markets are readily accessible to international investors, we believe the most attractive risk-weighted opportunities are found where few of our peers feel at home – and where far less capital is chasing any given asset. We have deep roots in the US Midwest along with our wealth of international experience, so we don’t call America’s non-coastal core “flyover country”, we call it home. It is where we work comfortably and effectively with local governments, residents, and partners for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Our investment partners benefit from our experience over multiple market cycles in both established and emerging markets. We value our strong relationships with best in class professional advisors and specialist consultants. Whether applying our expertise to identifying and managing investments, or efficient tax structuring, we approach all we do with a fiduciary mindset, meaning the best interests of our investment partners will always come first.

Our Approach


Be Transparent

Investment inherently involves a degree of risk, but an investor should never accept the risk that they are not being dealt with fairly and transparently by their investment manager. Our investment partners will always have full transparency into each aspect of the business we do together.

Value for Money

It is no secret: as a professional investment manager our business depends on being compensated for our services. Our fee structure is transparent and, most importantly, performance based. Rather than be paid by our investment partners, we profit with our investment partners.

Think Long Term

Whether referring to our assets, our reputation in the communities we work in, or our relationships with our investment partners, constantly starting over is neither efficient nor always possible. The relationships and reputations our team members have forged over the decades are no less valuable than their expertise as contributors to our effectiveness.

Pride in our Work

In every facet of our business we will choose the best approach over the cheapest, easiest or fastest. From asset selection, to professional relationships, to reporting; everything we do is done with an attention to detail.

Green is Good

We are committed to being a leader in sustainable development. Our choices of materials, systems and landscaping are guided by a deep belief that we have a shared responsibility for our planet.

Details Matter

Each investment we undertake is intensively managed. We care about details, and believe each aspect of each property can and must be a contributor to the overall success of the investment.

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